Has God called you to do something crazy? 

Something you are definitely not qualified to do? 

Something that doesn't even make logical sense? 

Me toooooo! 

He also led another mama in the Bible to do something crazy.

Watch this video to get my take on the craziness of homes...

Post published by forthefamily.org.

The joy children bring to our lives is breathtaking. No doubt, parenting is an opportunity for deep, life-changing love.

It’s also an opportunity to lose countless hours of sleep and prepare more meals and snacks than one would ever th...

I believe the Lord Almighty grants each of us a set of strengths. We call them gifts. These strengths are to be used for His glory and honor. If we are good stewards of these skills, He will make them grow and flourish. These natural abilities can bring great happiness...

To some this simple exercise will be a waste of time, pointless, and/or plain old silly. 

But for those of us who struggle with feeling like we're never going to get this motherhood thing right, it's a game changer. 

Changing our thinking is not always easy. 


For The Family is an amazing website dedicated to pointing families to Jesus. 

It is my great honor and privilege to be chosen to write posts for this amazing ministry. 

If you need spiritual encouragement and support, then taking advantage of the resources this si...

This Christmas article was printed by Fusion Magazine, a devotional study guide, published by Randall House.  

 All four of us squeezed into the bathroom around midnight. As our baby daughter snuggled warm in her bed, her two older brothers took turns purging their...

My hubby got me a gift. Which is awesome, because I’m not even gonna lie, I love gifts!

It’s a tiny book called “The Founding Fathers: Quotes, Quips, and Speeches”.

Honestly, if I had received this book any time prior to the last five years, it totally would have ended u...

The crowded parking lot slowly gave way to the freeway and the tears wouldn’t stop.

Between blurry traffic lights and gasping sobs of the ugly cry, He helped me drive home. The Almighty directed my vehicle home just as He had directed me to that office.

I had never exper...

We read about The Virtuous Woman and all her glory in Proverbs 31.

Books have been written about her. Sermons and Sunday School lessons have been devoted to her. Christian companies have even modeled and named themselves after her. Women the world over study her, look u...

BusyBusyBusy. We are so stinkin’ busy. We have a lot going on. As do most families.

The kids get their school, chores, and extracurricular activities done and are then free to rest and/or play. Hardworking Hubby starts work before the sun comes up and hits it hard until...

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