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Discovering Your Weakness and Why It Matters

We're not talking about discovering and utilizing our God given strengths today. Nope. We're gonna get nice and comfy with our weaknesses.

Lemme go first?

My biggest weakness is homeschooling. I am terrible at it. And I have proof.

A few years ago I took an online personality test. The results were amazingly accurate. A list of recommended careers was given at the end of the process; there were dozens to choose from. All the super cool career choices (that I never made) were listed. And then. The absolute worst career for someone with my personality was revealed.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. It would be a disaster if I were to be a Kindergarten teacher.

At the time, I was homeschooling our son who was in...wait for it...Kindergarten.

The majority of my days are spent in deep struggle. I do not posses the natural skills, talents, and abilities to educate little children. It's not my thing. It pains me to do what I do. I must fight and suppress my natural strengths in order to call my weaknesses front and center. This hurts, y'all.

My instinct is to quit. Pull away. Avoid the discomfort. But, that's not what God has called me to do. He has unmercifully required me to stay put - for six years and counting.

Just like a demanding three-year-old who wants it her way, I ask, "Whyyy?!" I usually add tears and sniffles to this question - but the Lord ignores my pleas. (I'm only half kidding.)

Yes, He tolerates my nonsense, lack of faith, and whining. We go way back.

Realizing God wants me to do the one thing I am the absolute worst at has changed me. And there is so much value in the change.

Only the Lord can use our weaknesses to our advantage.

Here are four benefits of knowing and accepting weakness:


The longer I grit my teeth, double down, and attempt to force myself to just do it - the worse I feel.

Homeschooling these kids with my fake it till I make it attitude is only compounding the problem. But, all of that changes when I come clean.

It's so much healthier to say, "Mommy is really having a hard time teaching you to read. Will you be patient with me, if I promise to be patient with you? Let's do this together."

At this point, I am being totally honest and completely real with myself and my children. Being truthful about my lack of skill and talent is so much more refreshing than hiding it.

This strengthens my relationship with them, thus creating more trust. Apparently, children need to trust their educators. Who knew?


When I admit that I am horribly bad at something, I am ultimately removing the pressure to perform. I can relax a little.

It's kinda like if I were going to attempt a cartwheel in front of my girlfriends. We all know it's going to be ridiculous and sloppy and goofy. There's a real strong chance of falling on my head. Or butt. Or both.

Somehow, acknowledging this beforehand makes the cartwheel more bearable. And dare I say, fun?

Unnecessary pressure and expectations are released. Insecurity and self doubt find their way to the nearest exit quickly and quietly.


Honesty begat Relief. Relief begat Peace. Peace begat Calm.

I don't have to be a frantic basket-case obsessing over the fact that I am not an amazing superstar homeschool mom. It's okay to calm down. It's easier to hear from the Lord that way.

(I am referring to an emotional/spiritual state here. Trust me. There is plenty of hyper-activity going on at our house. These kids are not calm while we are schooling. Unless you consider cannonballing off the desk into a pile of couch cushions as calm.


The Lord already knows what we have trouble with. He created us for cryin' out loud. He's right there. He's waiting for us to just GIVE IT UP already and release ourselves to Him.

He wants to fill in the gaps. He wants to offer assistance. He wants to deepen our trust in Him. None of that can happen until we surrender.

His mercy is present when we are at our weakest. (Hmm. Maybe that's why He wouldn't let me quit homeschooling?)

So. What is your biggest weakness? What can you surrender?

Answering these questions may help:

What causes you the most amount of frustration on a regular basis? What makes you feel unqualified?

Maybe you stink at being a homemaker. Tell Him all about it.

Maybe you are ridiculously unorganized. Tell Him all about it.

Maybe you got conned into teaching Sunday School (Don't act like church folks don't manipulate. Puleez.) and you feel trapped and inadequate. Tell Him about it. Not in a tattle-tell kinda way. But in a I-could-really-use-Your-help kinda way.

Maybe you just got hired for a job that you really need, but are truly unqualified for.

The discomfort and strife in our day to day lives is a constant reminder that we need Him.

It's a beautiful thing when we are able to say, "Here, Lord, You take it. You and I both know I am not capable".

It's very JesusTakeTheWheel.

Accept your weakness as a gift. Relinquish control. Submit your battle to Him. Then just rest.

Yes, He usually wants to accomplish something through us.

Let's not forget the Almighty also wants to hold us tight when we finally collapse into His will and accept His strength and peace.

He is qualified for just this very thing, indeed.

Any and all comments are welcome! (Except for the ones that are loaded with criticism and nastiness. There's enough of that running through my head already.)

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