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What Do You Want for Christmas?

What Do You Want for Christmas?

There it is. The most popular question this time of year.

We ask our children that question a lot. Everyone asks our children that question a lot.

Weeks and weeks are spent swirling around our children and their every little whim.

We focus solely on what they want. Therefore, they focus on what they want.

We’re kidding ourselves if we think they are trying to be good little boys and girls for obedience’s sake.

Seriously. Children perform juuust so for the sake of all that cool stuff they are about to receive.

Surely, we want more for our children than just extra stuff.

I know, I know. We tell the children we are giving them presents because Baby Jesus received presents when He was born. After all, we are celebrating His birthday.

(Explain to me again why kids get so many presents for someone else’s birthday.)

What if we gave them another kind of present?

Yes! Let’s do that. Let’s give them another kind of present this year.

Let’s share the truth.

Not that truth! What you and your family do with Mr. Claus is your business. I’m talking about the other truth.

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to give our children the gift of deep truth.

As we share the story of Mary and Joseph, Bethlehem, and the manger, let’s tell them why Jesus was born.

Let’s tell them He was born to die.

Let’s tell them He was the gift. He was the gift to all of mankind.

His sinless life, gruesome death, and extraordinary resurrection is the glorious gift waiting to be opened.

As parents, we must harness the power and responsibility given to us. We can help our children unwrap the gift of salvation.

Salvation is the gift our children need.

Salvation is the gift He wants to give.

And yet, for some reason, we hardly ever consider this gift during the month of December.

How different would our children be right now if everyone in their life asked them, “Have you been saved?” instead of, “What do you want for Christmas?”?

Instead of asking them to turn inward and rack their little brains for an idea of the perfect gift – we could ask them to turn inward, search their hearts,

and determine if they need a special Friend to walk with them throughout this life.

Instead of prompting good behavior with elves and promises – we could encourage them to consider whether or not their behavior warrants eternal forgiveness.

Instead of granting their every wish to make their holiday extra spectacular – we could tell them about that time Jesus saved us from our own sin in the most unforgettable, life changing way.

Maybe your child is too young to fully grasp a full understanding of salvation. That’s okay. Go ahead and share the truth anyway.

They will be listening. They will believe you – even if they do not fully understand. The seeds of Christmas truth will be planted.

Maybe your child has already received this most precious gift. Hallelujah!

Now is the time to help them grow in a deeper understanding of their Savior. Take that child by the hand. Take that child by the heart. Show them what worship looks like.

Maybe your child is on the brink of conviction. Are they hungry for more truth? Is their young soul ready to accept His gift of life?

Hold on tight to this opportunity. Share the truth with them now.

The story of Jesus – the experience of Jesus - is the one gift we all have in common.

Christmas does not have to fly by again this year. The hurry does not have to take over. We can make a conscious effort to not get lost in the shenanigans.

Commercialized Christmas does not have to win again this year.

Christmas Truth already reigns!

Christmas should be about the most unbelievable, undeserving gift ever given. Let’s open the Gift of Christmas together.

Merry Christmas, Friends!

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