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Not a Virtuous Woman - Yet

We read about The Virtuous Woman and all her glory in Proverbs 31.

Books have been written about her. Sermons and Sunday School lessons have been devoted to her. Christian companies have even modeled and named themselves after her. Women the world over study her, look up to her, and strive to follow the example she has set.

And with good reason. She’s pretty close to perfect.

She is wise, responsible, hardworking, kind, honorable, physically and spiritually strong. Her husband and children call her blessed and praise her. She is an accomplished wife and mother who runs her household like a successful business.

Furthermore, she is a self-employed business owner in the textile industry. She is educated and experienced enough to successfully purchase property and then cultivate it into a profitable vineyard.

The Virtuous Woman is one smart cookie who can farm! No doubt, she’s a go-getter.

Let’s pay special attention to a teeny tiny, often ignored fact. This little bit of information sheds light on an important facet of her life. This over-looked detail is a game-changer for the frustrated mama giving it all she has in hopes of becoming a Proverbs 31 woman.

Verse 28 says her children “arise up and call her blessed”. I don’t know about you, but my children didn’t tell me how awesome I was until two things occurred.

  1. I gave them something they wanted.

  2. They could form a complete sentence and express it accurately.

This happened around the age of three years old. Most three-year-olds are potty training, feeding themselves, and sleeping better (usually). Of course, they are demanding during the day, but sleep is easier to come by at night.

The Virtuous Woman isn’t up all night warming bottles and changing diapers. She is in a different season of life here.

More than likely, these are grown children, old enough to observe and acknowledge who Mom is, what Mom does, and why Mom does it.

The bible doesn’t say for sure, but it’s safe to assume this mama is not awake caring for infant children and manufacturing beautiful tapestries in the middle of the night. She doesn’t acquire a few precious minutes of sleep right before waking up predawn to cook breakfast for the entire family and their servants.

Proverbs 31 describes a woman in middle life.

Middle. Life. We’re talking about an entire season of life here.

The Virtuous Woman described in the Bible is:

1. Not raising very young children.

2. Not accomplishing everything mentioned in Chapter 31 all in one incredibly long day. She’s The Virtuous Woman, not The Virtuous Super Woman.

(Let’s not forget she has help. We’d all be high achievers if we had servants. Y’all feel me?)

Do you beat yourself up for not being more like The Virtuous Woman we read about?

Does the enemy whisper crap to your heart like, "Just give up. You'll never be a Proverbs 31 mom."?

Do you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and defeated after reading this portion of scripture?

Hang in there, Mama! Consider your own season of life when comparing yourself to The Virtuous Woman.

There is still plenty of time. There is still ample opportunity to grow into this kind of beloved woman. Just because we are not killing it like she does, doesn't mean we are not well on our way!

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