• Angelene Woodard

Celebrating a Fake Holiday?

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

This Christmas article was printed by Fusion Magazine, a devotional study guide, published by Randall House.

All four of us squeezed into the bathroom around midnight. As our baby daughter snuggled warm in her bed, her two older brothers took turns purging their stomachs into the cold porcelain.

My husband and I offered wet washcloths and calming words of comfort.

"Didn't they do this last year?", he whispered.

I nodded in agreement. "This is our new Christmas tradition - four years and counting."

Watch the video to hear more of the story.

Angelene Woodard is a wife, unqualified homeschool mom to three, and a dog lover. She tries to remember there's more to motherhood than trying harder and being better. There's grace. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram. Click here to subscribe to the blog.


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