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The Biggest Mistake of Motherhood by Angelene Woodard

I cried the whole way home from the hospital.

Initially, my husband thought it was because of that horrendous cesarean. But no, I was crying because our son’s clothes were ridiculously big. I had chosen the wrong coming-home outfit.

With the help of a nurse, we placed our newborn into his brand-new car seat.

“This isn’t going to work. Do you have a different outfit for him to wear? I can’t fasten the buckle between his legs because of this gown.”

The snuggly pajamas were humongous on his newborn body. The sleeves and legs had to be rolled up several times to compensate for the extra length.

He couldn’t wear the delicate white gown with his initials monogrammed in soft blue. My heart was broken. The newborn gown is what new mama dreams are made of, not that goofy yellow number made for a Kindergartner.

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