• Angelene Woodard

When Parenting and Productivity Take Priority Over Jesus

Updated: May 22, 2019

Post published by forthefamily.org.

I have gone off course in my efforts to be a great Christian parent. This weird thing just kinda happened somehow. I gradually lost sight of the priority to keep Jesus first while I was so stinkin' busy keeping Jesus first.

Here's a little excerpt from my most recent post written for forthefamily.org.

Flawless parenting is unrealistic, a distraction keeping me focused on myself and my own efforts. I’m not focused too much on God and my relationship with Him when I’m trying so hard to kill it as a mom.

Focusing on being a productive parent is not as important to God as it is to me. Checking all the things off the list is not as important to God either. God has called me to a holy connection with Him. My relationship with Jesus should be the most important. Constant communion with Him is vital.

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